Fiscal Advise

At Terán Rojas & Associates we are continually analyzing the economical aspects of businesses in Mexico, as well as any changes in the legislation in order to provide our clients with the maximum benefits concerning fiscal issues within the legal framework. We firmly believe that every client requires personalized solutions that appeal to their kind of business and the transactions carried out. Our group of specialists has ample experience in federal and local regulations, to provide our clients with the needed trust to implement the financial strategies that will make their working capital more efficient.

Alongside our clients, we have taken an active part in the evaluation of their current fiscal situation, advising them in the interpretation of the legal framework according to their kind of business. We are aware that an inadequate interpretation or an incorrect calculation can lead to unexpected outlays or additional costs to the business.

Tax Opinion

In fiscal matters, there are certain situations and transactions that require the presentation of the opinion of a registered public accountant (known as tax opinion) before the federal tax authority. Terán Rojas & Associates is registered to issue an opinion on a taxpayer’s fiscal situation or on the sale of shares of Mexican companies.

Monitoring means of Tax Defense

In multiple occasions we have successfully given the following services:

  • Assist our clients with tax reviews of both federal and local taxes in order to reach an understanding and insight into the criteria for interpretation and management of tax issues by the authorities.
  • Make a profound analysis of our clients’ tax situation, taking into account the evidence and fiscal support available, maintaining contact with the authorities at all times in order to reconcile criteria regarding the interpretation of the legislation and our clients’ operations in order to save time and expenses.
  • Create synergy with our clients’ legal department; regarding tax issues, we make an analysis of the evidence and fiscal support that our client has to be able to use it to solve any conflict with the tax authorities.