Financial Statement Audit

It is of the utmost importance to carry out a corporate restructuring or get a loan to attract future investors; to have a revision and an opinion from a certified public accountant that can attest the correct presentation of an entity’s financial information. Our services in this area include:

  • Financial statement audit
  • Coordination of external audits
  • Examination of interim financial statements
  • Opinions on internal control

Terán Rojas & Associates has more than 15 years experience in financial statement audits, and its staff has a vast experience in International Standards on Auditing and Mexican Financial Reporting Standards. Our in-house developed methodology provides audit services with high-quality standards, efficiency, and independence.

Opinion on a Company’s Tax Situation

Certain companies due to their assets, income, number of employees or type of activity in which they are immersed, have the possibility to carry an audit on their financial statements by a public accountant registered before the fiscal authority (CPR), who is there to make sure that all the federal and state dispositions have been covered by the entity. Terán Rojas & Associates is authorized by the fiscal authorities, and has the required expertise to carry out the following audits:

  • Opinions on the taxpayer’s fiscal situation
  • Opinions on alienation of shares

Special Audits

Our revisions on internal controls and administrative processes in a company are highly appreciated by our clients, because they provide an assertive diagnostic in the areas that require changes and improvements in their processes; once they are carried out, they provide safety since they promptly provide accurate financial information and can detect and reduce fiscal and legal risks, thus considerably decreasing costs and increasing company profitability. Our services include:

  • Internal control audits
  • Audit of specific elements of a financial statement
  • Financial statement audit
  • Audit of specific processes