Legal Advice

Nowadays, having the right team of professionals and consultants dramatically increases the probability of a successful business outcome. Whether you are starting a new development, dealing with tax or legal issues or trying to solve a problem on an already established business, our team offers the required expertise and knowledge to understand your affair, present you with options and full assistance to run a successful business.

Fiscal Law

Our practice and experience in tax matters provide the advice, identification, design, and implementation of integral legal strategies that produce the effective compliance of local and international regulations. Our services cover the following areas:

  • Rights and obligations regarding customs and tax matters.
  • Analysis and design of legal strategies.
  • Advice on the correct implementation of fiscal requirements.
  • Fiscal diagnosis of a company.
  • Development of fiscal strategies.
  • Analysis of corporate structure.
  • International Tax Advice.
  • Fiscal planning and analysis.
  • Paperwork on confirmation criteria or authorizations before tax authorities.
  • Investment in Mexico.
  • Compliance review of fiscal obligations.

Tax Litigation at all levels

Our legal division has collaborated with our clients by firstly identifying the ideal means of defense according to their legal and sometimes economic situation; we have also worked on the following legal petitions:

  • Appeal of revocation
  • Nullity Trials
  • “Amparo” trials (the constitutional process that aims to protect human rights)
  • Administrative reconsideration

Immigration Law

If you are a foreigner or have foreign employees in your business, you require the necessary immigration work permits to be able to work in any kind of corporation. Nowadays, our country offers different authorizations or permits to perform lucrative and non-lucrative activities. Before choosing the correct permit, it is necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of every immigration permit. We can assist you to get the required work permit. To have the right permit since the start can save time and money. We can advise and help get a nonimmigrant admission (only for restricted nationalities), obtain a permanent or temporary residence visa, or get your immigrant status, naturalization or migratory regularization.

Corporate Law

We offer a full range of legal corporate services, which go from the establishment of a commercial enterprise, a civil society, a civil association all the way to being updated and in order in your businesses’ corporate life, by preparing annual ordinary and extraordinary assembly reports, Administrative and/or Managing Board meetings, granting and revoking of privileges, merging, spitting and liquidation of societies, as well as corporate audits and Due Diligence.

We also provide services such as legal assistance in Corporate Law, rights and obligations of Partners and Shareholders, as well as responsibilities and obligations of managers, and general consultancy in corporate matters to shareholders or managers.


Experts in civil and commercial legislations, with an approach to safeguarding of assets and finance, we get involved in contract preparation and negotiation, as well as civil, commercial and labor agreements, either for acquisition, construction, administration, shares trading, conciliation, joint ventures, lease and sale of businesses or properties, within an industry or business.

Intellectual Property

This area covers two categories: industrial property, which includes inventions, patents, brands, sketches, and industrial models as well as geographical indications of origin; and copyright ownership, which cover literary and artistic works.

In this area, our services are aimed at the advice in the protection and registry of copyrights, offering legal certainty regarding copyright ownership by making the applicable registry before the appropriate administrative unit.