2021 Fiscal Reform

2021 FISCAL REFORM   On December 8th, 2020, the Decree reforming, adding, or abrogating certain provisions of the Income Tax Law (ITL), Value Added Tax Law (VATL) and the Federation Fiscal Code (FFC) were published in the Official Journal of the Federation. The main objective of the tax reform is to expand the rights of the tax authorities, including new control measures related to […]



Analysis about the social security for maids in Mexico

Analysis about the social security for maids in Mexico   Which obligations will I have as an employer with the incorporation of maids into the social security program that provides IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) to them?   On July 2nd, 2019, the Mexican government published an article about the regulations regarding the hiring of maids,[…]



Profit Sharing- A Guide for Companies

Profit Sharing or Employee Participation in Profit Sharing Payments (PTU in Spanish) is a constitutional right that all employees have in participating in their employer or company’s profits for the productive activity or services that they offer, in accordance to their taxable income. The Federal Bureau for the Defense of Labor (PROFEDET- Procuraduria Federal de la Defensa[…]



Unfavorable monetary effect that affects certain real estate developers for the import of services

One of the sectors that immediately and significantly affect the economy of a region is the real estate sector, recently as binomial Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit, has maintained a broad growth in the sale of both land and properties intended for residential use. In addition, within this environment of globalization and the need to have avant-garde designs, ecologic and self-sustainable[…]



Entities in start-up stage

As an analogy with human life, the start-up stage in companies could be defined as the phase since its birth up to the moment when an individual is able to walk by himself. In companies, the start-up stage ends when the company begins to have recurrently income, meaning that it starts to operate and obtain resources in[…]