Payroll Administration

Administration and Management

Work relationships are usually the highest risk companies in Mexico encounter. To any employer in Mexico, it is key, from the start, to have a contract of each of his employees, where the benefits and responsibilities from each party are clearly stated. Likewise, it is crucial to have the employees’ records in adequate control, a correct payroll run with prompt payment as well as the relative taxes; altogether, this provides employers a reduction in the risk of a strike or a penalty set by the competent authorities.

Payroll and Safety

Terán Rojas & Associates offers a wide range of services concerning this area, including payroll preparation and pay, tax calculation and pay, custody of employee’s records, preparation of work contracts, attention to the authorities’ requirements, negotiations between employer and employee. Furthermore, in developments and real estate projects, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that contracts with contractors exist and that they follow their obligations regarding workers’ security and payroll taxes, a highly critical situation since the costs fluctuate between a 25% and 60% over the amount of payroll pay.