La voz de nuestros clientes

I have been a client of Terán Rojas for over 10 years. They do very good work not only giving strong legal advice but also in business strategy, accounting support, financial support, help with recruiting, help with negotiations, and government relations. They have really great people and are a pleasure to work with. They are the foundation of my business. Without Terán Rojas help I would not be able to do business in Mexico.
Bert Fornaciari


“Gabriela, I am writing to express my gratitude for all the help you and your staff have given me over the last several years. This is particularly appropriate now that the weekly accounting and disbursement’s you have provided during the construction of my La Punta house is winding down. Everyone I have dealt with at TR has been especially responsive and helpful, often bringing things to my attention which I may have overlooked or failed to consider. Jesus has worked diligently to get all the disbursements out on time and issued correctly. You and Jorge have always been very helpful in tax planning and coordinating with my USA accountants; it has all worked seamlessly. I look forward too many more years working together”.
Richard Morash

A casi una década de estar usando los servicios fiscales y legales de Terán Rojas y Asociados, yo en lo personal y las dos empresas que represento nos sentimos enteramente satisfechos al grado de ver a los diversos socios como amigos y de entera confianza.
Diego Valdez

Playa Chila, LLC

Considering new accounting and banking regulations in Mexico and the USA, it is of utmost importance to have confidence in a charity’s record-keeping. Too often, the focus of a charity is purely on its mission without regard to accountability or reporting. Our charities, PEACEAnimals, A.C. and Amigos de La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, A.C., have confidence that our mission is being served and the accounting, banking and government regulations are in check with Terán Rojas’ experience and efficiency.
Amy M Welch

Estimados Terán Rojas & Associates: Aun cuando nuestra relación de trabajo es muy reciente, la Asociación se siente agradecida por la asesoría y apoyo recibido, percibiendo cómo realmente son una Empresa Socialmente Responsable y comprometida con las Asociaciones Civiles y la comunidad vallartense. No sólo se aprecia la grata relación, sino el profesionalismo que hacen que uno se sienta seguro.
Becas Vallarta, A. C. reconoce y agradece su labor

Terán Rojas has been handling the monthly and annual accounting for our boutique hotel Belenos Inn in San Pancho for more than 2 years now. Señor Jorge Cadena and his team are knowledgeable, fast to respond and treat our company as if it is their own. We never have to second guess them and feel we can totally rely on their work and advice and above all we trust them!
Margot & Andrew Holmes

Belenos Inn, San Pancho Nayarit

Condominio Isla Iguana es uno de los conjuntos residenciales más importantes de Puerto Vallarta, es un condominio horizontal que, si bien su manejo administrativo y su impacto en lo financiero y fiscal pudiera imaginarse muy sencillo, se complica demasiado por las características que reúne al ser una persona no contribuyente. La responsabilidad del Administrador, del presidente del Comité de Vigilancia, de su Tesorero y en general de todo el comité es muy grande ante el resto de los condóminos, ante empleados, proveedores y no se diga el fisco. Aunque el propio Condominio lleva su contabilidad como cualquier otra entidad económica, requiere del celoso cuidado de profesionales externos que den certeza a lo que el Administrador, el Comité de Vigilancia reporten a los condominios, fisco y demás interesados en ello, por lo cual desde hace ya varios años el Despacho Terán Rojas & Associates han sido nuestros auditores externos, generando no solo el dictamen que se exige a los contadores públicos en los términos establecidos por los organismos colegiados sino apegados también a las disposiciones impositivas del país, sus socios, gerentes y auditores junior son no solo Contadores Públicos Certificados, sino posgraduados en otras ramas que les permite adicionalmente ser excelentes asesores, orientando la gestión y el mejor cumplimiento fiscal de las obligaciones que estable la ley. He de señalar que en mi experiencia profesional y empresarial he tenido siempre trato con los fiamos “Big Four” de la contaduría en nuestro país y el mundo y los servicios que he recibido de Terán Rojas & Associates no padece en nada.
CPC Jesús M Nájera M.

Ex Tesorero del Condominio Isla Iguana I.

To Whom it may Concern: Our family has been using Terán Rojas & Associates as our accountants for many years. They have done an excellent job and responded quickly to any questions we have had or issues that needed to be resolved. We highly recommend them.
Cap Sparling and family

You have been trustworthy, accurate, and responsive.  I have much more confidence with our financials now that you've started working with us.  Thank you!
Nicole Carr CPA & William Schock

Condominio V399

Gaby, you and your Associates’ some 5 years ago met with a newly formed board of directors for a revitalized PEACE. At that time PEACE had a philanthropic purpose to create English competency for all students within the Punta Mita school community. We had modest financial strength but a terrific team of teachers and led by a very able young woman with vision and an entrepreneurial drive. But our team had limited financial skills. TERÁN ROJAS & ASSOCIATES with kindness and generosity took on the task of establishing a financial backbone with all the necessary procedures and controls to run our business. Not simple particularly since the financial skill sets in PEACE were very limited. All the members of the PEACE team Directors, management and staff are grateful for your professionalism, competence and commitment which allowed us to put PEACE on the road to success in meeting our philanthropic goals.
Bob Farquharson


Being a member of the board of directors for Peace Punt Mita I have seen the professionalism and care that Terán Rojas and Associates have brought to this charity over the last five years. That period has seen Peace grow considerably however it is still a volunteer organization with a professional staff whose skill sets are not business based but teaching and educating the youth of three villages in the Punta Mita area. Gabriella, with her team, brings the needed order and clarity to our accounts in a business-like way. Without this help we would undoubtably be less effective and certainly a good deal less efficient. Additionally, Gabriella was instrumental in improving the controls as the magnitude of the business of Peace increased substantially recently. She identified and was instrumental in putting in place controls that allows the business to function day to day but protects it from accidental or intentional fraud. She and her firm are critical to the success of Peace and we are fortunate to have them with us.
Robert Ritchie

Peace PM AC

I have a small business in Sayulita and Terán Rojas & Associates has been invaluable in our success: explaining the ever-changing tax codes; applying the payroll taxes, social security, medical and profit sharing for our employees; calculating local and federal taxes on income; reporting and paying the appropriate governmental authorities in a timely manner. Most important, every associate at Terán Rojas is professional, friendly, helpful and honest. They will sit down with us any time we ask for a meeting, and they respond to emails within minutes. No request or question is too small or trivial, or too complicated, or too big. I recommend them 100%.
Steve & Jackie Ramels

Casa Jaqui, Sayulita Nayarit

We are very pleased to have Terán Rojas as an accountant, they have done a great job helping us getting with our business.
Dave & Isabel Ronlund

“Sayulitanimals is extremely happy and grateful to be working with Terán Rojas & Associates. Knowing that all our accountancy including governmental taxing is in such good hands takes a lot of pressure of our A.C.”
Sayulitanimals AC

I would like to express our deep appreciation for the professional help we receive each month from your firm. Without your assistance, we would not be able to meet the government reporting requirements, including those connected to our semi-monthly payrolls. It is a pleasure working with you and your staff.
Mario Antoci

Treasurer - Vallarta Club de Yates, AC