Work risks How to identify one within your company

As it is already known, all theemployers that have employees must calculate their risk premium through an annual revision of the work accidents or sicknesses that their employees had the year before the filing of the report. The classification is established when the employer starts his/her activities in a workplace and/or the operation procedures are modified, which can create a variation that must be reported to the authorities.

But as an employer, what is the effect of having  an employee at risk? When does my risk premium increase? This is why the IMSS classifies it in 3 branches, however, the transportation accident is also added to make it more consistent.


As shown in the last graphic, there are different ways to classify a health risk for the employee and the IMSS is the one who determines the risk: Maternity, Work Risk, General Sickness, Transportation Accident.


As was mentioned before, the employer has the implication of the rise of his/her risk premium, however, in the case that that employee does not let the employer know in a timely manner about said incapability and the risk premium has already been considered, this carries over fines for the employer issued by the IMSS.


Classification and determination of work risk


It is the procedure that the employee must go through if he was involved in an accident or if he is sick and considers that those come from or are related to his/her job in the company, with the objective of obtaining the qualification of risk premium, and if it is considered as such, to be protected by the work risk insurance, this can be done by the employee, a relative or the legal representative of the employee.


It is important to know the necessary formats to adequately write the details related to the qualification of an accident or a general sickness and also the permanent or total incapacity opinions related with work risks.


In the case of work risks the employee will have to go to the company where he/she works to ask them to fill the corresponding part of the “Aviso de Atención Médica” (Medical Attention Notice), as well as having 2 witnesses of the event.


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