COVID-19 plan contingencia empresas

COVID-19 Contingency and Risk Management Plan

At Terán Rojas & Associates we are aware that businesses should always be prepared for constant change. Today, MORE THAN EVER, due to the growing uncertainty on the impact of COVID-19, we considered fundamental to design a CONTINGENCY AND RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN, in order to reinforce the capacity to adapt to the ever-changing and unsteady market conditions, which portray new political, social, and economic scenarios, to be able, above all, to ensure business continuity.

COVID-19 plan contingencia empresas
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Our purpose is to achieve a deep understanding of the strategic operations and supply chains, and thus build more collaborative and resilient relationships with the most important providers to your business.

  1. The well-being of people

To pursue the mental and physical well-being of co-workers, establishing policies and alternatives for remote work, in order to keep working safely and efficiently.

  1. Evaluation of the supply chain

Evaluating the risk with clients and providers, reconfiguring flows, analyzing possible shortages from providers, among others.

  1. Business Plans

Analyzing cash flow, working capital management, analysis of supply and demand predictions in different scenarios, the impact of financial stability and access to finance.

We work together with our clients to be prepared to respond to changing conditions, nowadays a business continuity plan can make the difference. An adequate and multidisciplinary CONTINGENCY PLAN that can allow a business to strengthen in moments of crisis.

Coordinated action is vital to get through. As your advisors, at Terán Rojas & Associates we evaluate and diagnose your business situation so together we can develop a CONTINGENCY PLAN as soon as possible, as a means to identify risks, evaluate performance, quantify and prioritize current and emergent situations, as well as create qualitative and quantitative tools and procedures, which will allow the Management Board to take more comprehensive measures.

It is fundamental to have the proper MANAGEMENT OF BUSINESS RISKS in times of economic uncertainty. At Terán Rojas & Associates we have a vast, multidisciplinary experience to help overcome the challenges we are facing.

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