Vacation Period: How it influences employee productivity

What are my obligations regarding employee vacation? What are the benefits of my employees taking vacation time? What happens if I do not grant vacation time to my employees? According to the World Policy Analysis Center and the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), Mexico is ranked as the country with the fewest paid vacation days […]



Labor relationships in the lodging industry in Mexico

One of the most relevant issues for foreigners offering lodging services in Mexico has been the compliance with the legal provisions that ensure the protection of workers’ rights. It is essential to mention that, in recent years, the essence of labor relations in the lodging services sector has been distorted due to unfamiliarity with the laws, inaccuracy,[…]



2021 Fiscal Reform

2021 FISCAL REFORM   On December 8th, 2020, the Decree reforming, adding, or abrogating certain provisions of the Income Tax Law (ITL), Value Added Tax Law (VATL) and the Federation Fiscal Code (FFC) were published in the Official Journal of the Federation. The main objective of the tax reform is to expand the rights of the tax authorities, including new control measures related to[…]



Internal Control in Companies

In Mexico, the life expectancy of businesses depends on the size of the company, according to INEGI, companies with an average of 0 to 2 workers die before the seventh year, while companies with 11 to 15 workers last. up to 15 years. Why? This is mostly because companies that are staffed or are larger, invest in[…]



COVID-19 Also Affects the CFDI

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit humanity in different ways, since it has not only made our disease sick, but also our economy severely. On June 19, through the SAT page, we learned that this unfortunate disease has reached the CFDI since the authority issues rule 3.10.32 indicating that civil organizations and trusts authorized to receive deductible donations,[…]



Update of the Information of Partners and Shareholders before the SAT

The partners and shareholders are required to register with the RFC and provide related information with your identity, address, tax address, telephone, email and request the advanced electronic signature certificate for the creation of a moral person in Mexico. Although the previous ones are obligations of partners and shareholders legal entities should record in the partners and[…]



Settlement or Liquidation

Unfortunately, the Mexican labor laws protect the worker excessively and the employer must prevent himself using the elements that the law gives him to defend himself if any worker acts unethically or is ill-advised and seeks to harm him through an erroneous application. of the laws. It’s a key piece that when a worker is hired, an[…]



Important notice, remote operation due to COVID19

DEAR CLIENTS In our company, Terán Rojas & Associates, our customers, collaborators and business partners are a priority. Therefore faced with the large-scale problem and human impact facing global, we have been planning and working to ensure continuity of service. Terán Rojas & Associates will operate remotely, effective 03/21 thru 3/25. All the employees will be working[…]



Analysis about the social security for maids in Mexico

Analysis about the social security for maids in Mexico   Which obligations will I have as an employer with the incorporation of maids into the social security program that provides IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) to them?   On July 2nd, 2019, the Mexican government published an article about the regulations regarding the hiring of maids,[…]