Labor relationships in the lodging industry in Mexico

One of the most relevant issues for foreigners offering lodging services in Mexico has been the compliance with the legal provisions that ensure the protection of workers’ rights. It is essential to mention that, in recent years, the essence of labor relations in the lodging services sector has been distorted due to unfamiliarity with the laws, inaccuracy,[…]



Declaration of real and effective use of a trademark

What is the declaration of real and effective use of a trademark? Since when is it mandatory to file a declaration of use? What happens if I fail to file the notice of declaration of real and effective use? Is there any cost for this notice? If you have a registered trademark, you will surely ask yourself[…]



Labor reform in the area of outsourcing services and its impact on condominiums.

The recent reform – dated April 23, 2021 – to the Federal Labor Law on labor subcontracting brought with it endless doubts and uncertainty for business sectors, service providers, and other institutions to which the law recognizes some type of rights. This acquires significance because the scheme of providing or making available one’s personnel for the benefit[…]