Money Laundering



Non-profit Organization Obliged to Follow Money Laundering Prevention Rules

To have a legal entity as a Non-profit Organization (NPO) dedicated to helping society and thus receiving donations, commonly known as a “donee”, carries a lot of fiscal responsibilities, and throughout our trajectory some important aspects have been mentioned on our website; but in this particular occasion we will focus on the legal issues regarding these kind[…]

Ley Antilavado



Amnesty on the Anti Money Laundering Law

One of the main problems that Mexican governments have faced in recent years has been the battle against the laundering of assets, and have implemented different strategies over such issue; since 2000, Mexico is a member of an intergovernmental organization known as FATF (Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering), created in 1989 with the main objective[…]



Which obligations does a person subject to the Anti Money Laundering Law have?

After determining if we are subjects to the Anti-Money Laundering Law, the next step is to understand that there are obligations that need to be complied with. Each vulnerable activity has different obligations, but there are obligations established in the Anti-Money Laundering Law that apply to all the subjects, which are the ones that we will learn about in this[…]



Anti Money Laundering Law– Limits in cash usage

Cash is the most common way to pay since its use is the simplest. There is no need to use technology nor intermediaries. The transactions in cash are not registered in any way and are pretty much impossible to track down. And this is why, for the laws related with money laundering all around the world, the use[…]